Weld End Straight Through Stainer Body Kit - Type B

p>The straight through / In-line product strainer is similar to the 90 degree type, but it is designed to allow the line to remain on the same plane. Whilst based on the TYPE A, The TYPE B has a smaller diameter parent material, and no machined end, Therefore reducing the cost. The in-line strainer is used for finer filtration of product, and to remove potentially unwanted items in the product.

  • Designed & Manufactured by Berkeley Stainless Fittings Ltd, to the highest quality.
  • Manufactured entirely from 316L Stainless Steel.
  • 1″ OD – 3″ OD line size available.
  • Standard finish: Dull Polished O.D, Mill finish I.D.
  • Coned end as standard.
  • Alternative ends can be welded to customers requirements – RJT, IDF, CLAMP, DIN & SMS.
  • Shut off valves can be welded to the unit.
  • A straight through product strainer assembly consists of: 1 x Element, 1 x Body, 1 x Single Hinged
  • Clamp & 1 x Lipped EPDM joint ring.
  • Elements – Perforated type & wedge wire type available to choose from – See element pages
  • We recommend ordering a replacement element to ease cleaning and to minimize line down time.
  • Jacketed & Duplex strainers can also be supplied to the customers specifications.
  • Should you require anymore information regarding our strainers – Please contact your local branch and a member of sales will be happy to assist you.
Weld End Straight Through Stainer Body Kit - Type B