Electronic Flow Meter

Electronic Flow Meter

Hygienic magnetic flow transmitter.

  • Max flow: 80,000 L/H
  • Max temp: +100 deg C
  • Max pressure: 10 Bar

Digital display unit with accumulative count, pre-set counter, instantaneous flow rate.

Different types and variables are available. Please contact your local branch for more information.



Information we would need to be able to offer a flow meter;

  1. The line size?
  2. The product to be metered?
  3. The flow rate, both product and CIP, Max, Min, Norm
  4. The temperature, both product and CIP, Max, Min, Norm
  5. What are you looking for in the way of information from the flow meter
    a) Local display of total, flow rate etc?
    b) Remote display of total, flow rate etc?
    c) Integration of signals (eg Pulse, 4:20mA, digital communication etc.) into a PLC, SCADA System etc.
    d) Anything not listed above.
  6. Will you need to control a batch quantity, flow rate etc?
  7. Will the line be empty at any point in time?
  8. Where will the flow meter be installed, inside, outside, vertical line, horizontal line etc.
  9. Will you be using an existing 24V power supply for the flow meter or will you need to install one?

We would need information on all questions above to be able to successfully offer. 


If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact us here

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