Metric Tube

Metric Tube.

Metric tube and fittings has been the standard within the paper and pulp industry for many years. Uniquely, the system employs a common bore per size, irrespective of the wall thickness being used.

Many companies are finding that this system represents an economical, longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional pipework such as galvanised steel and schedule 40 stainless.

Tube is cold rolled, welded construction, Manufactured according to DIN 11850, bead removed.

If you have a specific requirement please ask our sales team.

Advantages include:

  • Consistent bore diameter.
  • We can supply pre-flanged pipes to order.
  • Lighter than welded schedule NB pipe.
  • No weld inclusion in bore.


  • Stocked in 304L & 316L.
  • Supplied in a brushed finished.
  • 6 meter lengths as standard.
  • Smaller / Larger sizes available on request.

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